Groan Boy


New Album out now


Coppermines is the flagship track on Groan Boy's debut album, "What in the World Happened to Chingy". The album will be released on August 10, 2019. Please enjoy.

With his roots buried deep in the permafrost of the Yukon, Groan Boy is a goblin rock sensation that is sweeping the territory with his signature wall of sound. A personal project of Dawson Beaulieu’s that lyrically explores some of the darker sides of music, he is occasionally accompanied by other musicians – drums, bass, and Vox organ – but the heart of Groan Boy is Dawson’s earnest performance taking the lead as a guitarist and vocalist. Groan Boy builds his show with the use of bare, chilling guitar strains and adds to it layers of effects and delay that, coupled with his distinct singing style and dark lyrics, wholly captivates his audience by treading the line between the familiarly self-conscious and the absolute alien. Groan Boy is the therapy you didn’t think you needed – his thematic and volume swings from the awkward, to the angry, and back again will have you go from swaying on the spot to headbanging on the dance floor -  and if that’s not enough, Groan Boy will make you laugh, groan, and (if you’re feeling emotional) shed a tear or two.